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MyMisio (pronounced as mee-shew) means little bear in Polish a namesake of our little Teddy. The bear🧸 with building blocks signifies continuous learning and creating.

The green lilypad represents sustainability🌿. The eco-friendly toys are carefully chosen and curated for your curious ones. We strive to make play time more environmentally friendly. The materials used make it long lasting and durable enough to be passed on from sibling to another and even to the next generation.

Not only are these timeless pieces educational it's also aesthetically pleasing, making open-ended play even more interesting, engaging and fun! They are perfect for kids and also suitable for adults alike.

Boy Playing with Abacus
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Here's a little story about us! MyMisio is an online retail startup located in Malaysia that is founded by two parents who are searching for safe, fun AND cute toys for our lil one. While we were sourcing for toys for our baby, we realized that most of the product available in the market do not last long and at times its materials are ambiguous. Thus, we decided to embark on this journey to provide quality, durable and environmentally safe products for kids in Malaysia.

We focus on environmentally friendly Wooden Toys for kids focusing on high durability, quality and non-toxic products that's educational and entertaining for kids. Aside from wooden toys, we retail other products such as Personal health and security devices i.e wearable GPS Tracker for both kids and elderly, apparels, and Internet of Things (IOT) devices for home automation that would assist parents in their day to day activities.

It’s our goal to provide quality, durable and environmentally safe products for our customers that are robust. We believe that it is important to leave behind a legacy for our future generations and the products we carry would also be a testament of durability.  To ensure quality, each of our suppliers' products are thoroughly vetted and must possess relevant certification as a proof of quality and environmentally friendly.

Lastly, we utilize the products from our vendor ourselves as a testament of our confidence in their products. 

Diverse Kindergarten
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